Berlin Tourism

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany
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Berlin Tourism

I know that much of the world has developed and grown at a phenomenal rate over the last few decades, but nowhere can have seen many more changes than the city of Berlin has over the past 100 years or so. A city once divided, the whole world watched as the Berlin wall began to fall in 1989 after dividing the city for almost 30 years. Berlin is now a modern and vibrant city making it a popular destination for tourists as well as business visitors.

The city of Berlin is located in Bundesland in the state of Brandenburg, situated around the River Spree. The capital city of Germany, there really is something for everyone in Berlin.

Berlin is now a wonderful mixture of the old and the new. It has been systematically rebuilt, restored or simply rejuvenated over the last couple of decades after undergoing the biggest construction project in the whole of Europe. The best way for new visitors to get their bearings in Berlin, as in any city which you might be visiting for the first time actually, is to jump on a bus. There are some great tour buses which will point out the many historic places and other places of interest, so that you can make a mental note of which ones you fancy looking at in a bit more detail later. The tours are generally multilingual so that’s a relief.

Places of Interest – Berlin

Berlin has tons of places of interest, both historically (well, it does have a lot of stories to tell about its time during WWII), culturally and of course, many more attractions which you would expect to find in such a vibrant and bustling city.

  • Brandenburg Gate is probably one of the most instantly recognizable and photographed attractions in Berlin. Fully restored in the early 2000’s, this former symbol of peace which has proudly stood in Berlin since the eighteenth century is still as much of a draw today as it’s ever been and became the main venue in 2009 for the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.
  • Exhibition of “The Story of Berlin”– this follows Berlin through the ages from beginnings in the 13th century right through to the present day. There are some actual sections from the Berlin wall as well as lots more interesting memorabilia. Even people who are not particularly historically minded and don’t even possess an anorak will still find this exhibition fascinating.
  • Schloss Charlottenburg – Originally commissioned more than 300 years ago, this wonderful palace has been beautifully restored and is well worth a few hours of your time. After you’ve wandered around marveling at the exquisite interior you can then wander around the stunning gardens which surround it. Go on, you’ll enjoy it.
  • Potsdamer Platz – this was once among the busiest, most bustling squares in Europe, and while the Berlin wall was there, they erected a viewing platform so that people in the west of the city could look over the wall to the eastern side. It fell into somewhat disarray for a few years but, in keeping with many other areas of Berlin has recently been given a completely new lease of life, it has once again sprung into action, restored and rejuvenated and is now vibrant with shops, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues.
  • Television Tower – you can’t possibly visit Berlin without seeing the Television Tower, it’s 1207 feet high for one thing, so it’s pretty difficult to miss. There’s a revolving restaurant and a viewing platform about half way up (at 660 feet) which is quite high enough to offer a splendid view of the city¬†

Whatever you’re hoping for on a visit to Berlin, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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